Backed by Science

No BullSh*t, Just BullFit

We meticulously craft our products without any compromises, ensuring they are free from artificial ingredients.

Manufacturing the correct way

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, the BullFit quality team rigorously tests all raw ingredients, setting the stage for our production team to carefully craft each supplement. This meticulous process includes everything from blending raw materials to encapsulating and bottling the final product.

With many of our products manufactured in-house at our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah we maintain complete control over our ingredients. This commitment to purity means we never use any fillers that might impair absorption. Our philosophy is clear: No Bullsh*t, Just BullFit.

To uphold the highest standards of quality, we ensure our facilities receives third-party certification, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

Sourcing the Best Ingredients

BullFit places immense value on the origins of our ingredients. We collaborate with reliable suppliers who align with our commitment to quality, science, and responsibility. By prioritizing ingredient quality, we ensure our products are formulated for optimal potency, absorption, and digestibility, because we believe that superior ingredients lead to superior products.

How it works?

At BullFit, all incoming ingredients are held in quarantine within our facility until they undergo testing and verification.

We conduct comprehensive tests to confirm the identity, potency, and purity of each ingredient declared on our product labels. The journey towards crafting the future of health solutions begins with the source, a process we approach with utmost seriousness.

Our research and development team scours the world for high-quality ingredients that form the foundation of our nutritional solutions.

Four Rounds of Testing

Raw Materials

Every single raw ingredient and material is tested by our manufacturing team when it arrives. We screen for contaminants in all raw materials.

In Process Testing

We test to ensure the correct amount of ingredients are used in every formulation. We diligently check every bottle, label or stick pack for defects individually.

Finished Product Testing

Before being approved for sale, finished products are tested to confirm the identity, potency and purity of the products, and to confirm that no microbiological contamination occurred during manufacturing.

Stability Testing

We test the stability of each product to ensure that each product will meet the claims listed on the label up to the expiration date