Meet the Team

We've scoured every inch of the earth to create an unstoppable force of a team. Each team member comes with a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare at what they do.

Meet... Ben Wilkinson

In 2022, Ben Wilkinson and Harrison ignited the spark of an idea: a preworkout without the gimmicky and harmful ingredients – no bullsh*t, just results. They envisioned a supplement that was not only potent but also clean and enjoyable. Recognizing the scale of their ambition, they soon brought their childhood friend, Josh on board, valuing his unique expertise to help elevate their nascent idea.

As the blueprint for BullFit began to evolve, the trio realized that to truly disrupt the fitness supplement space, they needed a dream team. That’s when Jeremy and Todd were roped in, each co-founder now integral to shaping BullFit’s trajectory.

Ben’s foundational days at 11th Avenue working alongside it’s founder, Harrison had already familiarized him with the rollercoaster journey of fast-growing, successful startups. Working with Harrison to help transform a website run from a basement into a company that would do over $100m in e-commerce sales alone. This early experience gave Ben an intimate understanding of startup growth, strategy, and the intricacies of brand management. His venture, EAG, further honed his skills in strategic planning, logistical operations, and market penetration. Additionally, his time at the University Impact Fund was instrumental in shaping his business perspective. There, he gleaned valuable insights into the unique elements that set top-performing companies apart, mastering the nuances that make certain ventures shine brighter than the rest.

But it wasn’t just his business experience that made Ben a key pillar of BullFit. From his younger years, Ben harbored a passion for bodybuilding and fitness, giving him a deep, personal connection to the very ethos of BullFit.

These experiences, diverse yet interconnected, gave Ben the tools to not only launch BullFit but to also ensure its sustained prominence in a worldwide industry.

At its core, BullFit is a testament to genuine passion shared by its founders — a passion to not just sell, but to redefine the very essence of preworkouts. With such a unified vision and a team primed to execute it, BullFit is poised to redefine fitness.

Meet... Josh Graves

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the unstoppable force of nature, Josh Graves – a man whose sales finesse is as legendary as his nunchuck skills and chainsaw-juggling expertise (don't try this at home, seriously). Graves isn't just your run-of-the-mill entrepreneur; he's a walking, talking testament to the art of salesmanship, transforming deals into a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

While most toddlers were figuring out how to walk, Graves was busy mastering the art of lifting dumbbells and, quite possibly, haggling over juice boxes. By the age of 3, he was already sculpting his future empire, dropping dumbbells with the grace of a seasoned weightlifting maestro. Fueled by inspiration from his Marine father, he didn't just dream big; he bench-pressed his way into the mortgage industry and even found time to dominate the League of Legends arena. Because, well, why not?

But Graves didn't stop there. Oh no, he decided to build his own kingdom, birthing "Rockwell Mortgage" into existence. And let's talk fashion – this man not only rocks suits like they're going out of style but also has a charisma that can make your fries disappear and your heart skip a beat. Watch out, gentlemen; he's not just stealing deals; he might also steal your snacks and affections.

Whether he's crunching numbers, crunching abs, or helping you find the perfect supplement for your fitness journey, Graves is a whirlwind of consistency, determination, and just the right sprinkle of charm. Who knew the world of sales and supplements could be this exhilarating? Well, Just Graves did, and he's here to transform your financial frowns and fitness woes into a comedy extravaganza you won't want to miss! Welcome to the show, where business, fitness, and entertainment collide in the extraordinary world of BullFit!

Meet... Todd Lynsky

I have my Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) and I am married with three kiddos.

I love big muscles and learning the science behind making them bigger.
I was not born with optimal genetics so it came down to research and hard work.
I have been creating my own supplement mixes for years and I have seen and felt great results.

I am so excited to share what I have learned over the years with everyone. It’s my dream to take my knowledge in pharmaceuticals and my obsession with fitness and create something that can help others achieve their fitness goals. 💪💪

Meet... Jeremy Moyes

In the wild world of sales, Jeremy Moyes has been a force to be reckoned with since the '80s when he set out as an 8-year-old on door-to-door adventures with the Sunshine Sales Club. His motivation? The burning desire to earn enough for a coveted wood building kit—talk about an early entrepreneur in the making!

From selling cell phones in an era when convincing people to carry a brick-sized device was an art form, to securing security systems in some of the safest corners of the U.S., Jeremy's persuasive prowess has always been on point. And don't get him started on timeshares—he not only embraces the title of a timeshare salesman but takes it as a compliment! After all, who wouldn't want to share the joys of more vacations?

Today, Jeremy Moyes is diving headfirst into an exciting venture with Bullfit, where his dedication is fueled by an unwavering belief in "Bullfit," a lifestyle that combines determination, fitness, and the most mouthwatering preworkout concoction ever to grace the market. Make no mistake, Bullfit is about to shake up the industry in a big way. Jeremy is excited to be part of the Bullfit team, redefining how we approach health and fitness supplementation with a side of humor—because life is too short not to try and be a totally bodacious dude or dudette! the way, Jeremy's venture into wood building did not work out. It's a good thing he's had sales to fall back on. 

Meet... Tyson Henderson

After graduating with a degree in Film Production, Tyson started work for one of Utah’s largest video production companies, Big Door, as a camera operator and editor.

Impressed with his work, Youtube celebrity, Devin Supertramp hired him to work as a director, editor, and DP on 60+ projects all over the world for companies such as Disney, Pepsi, Subaru, Gillette, Wendy’s and more. Over the course of four years, these videos gathered a cumulative 845 million views.

From there, Tyson went to work for the product company, Nomatic, as creative director where his video ads have more than doubled their online sales. Seeing success from his content in the e-commerce space Tyson opened the doors to his company in 2020, Tyson Media, where he has served and is still serving many of the same clients over the past 4 years. Some of those companies being Pestie, Tuxy, Rachel Parcell, IVL, Young Living, Nomatic, Laced Hair, Binky Bro, Lumio, Ambrosia, Sutera, Rags, Caffaro, Kenneth Boggs, Gimme, Kizik, Kuru, Baby Bling, Bobelo, Brandless, Galileo, and Honeylove.

Meet... James Ham

Meet James Ham - a residential real estate tycoon by day, cybersecurity whiz by night, and extreme adventure devotee in all the moments between.

When he’s not busy closing multi-million dollar empires or neutralizing cyberattacks, this thrill-seeking “Dogfather” trains for his next adventure with his squad of furry kids in tow. Fueled solely on cold-brew, spirited optimism, and some secret hustler formula, James squeezes outsized returns from each minute of his nonstop days before taking off to break more personal records or cuddle his beloved four-legged family. He's a H.A.M.

Meet... Jim Wilson

Introducing Jim "The Maverick" Wilson – the corporate gunslinger who doesn't just close deals; he shatters expectations like glass ceilings in a tornado.

They say Jim once negotiated a merger mid-bungee jump, his heart pounding with the thrill of the deal. Even Chuck Norris nods in respect.

When he's not bulldozing through boardroom battles, Jim sharpens his edge at the shooting range, perfecting his precision, or cracking codes like safes in a bank heist.

In meetings, Jim doesn't just talk shop; he drops truth bombs like grenades, leaving colleagues and competitors alike breathless in his wake.

So hitch your wagon to Jim Wilson, the legend, the enigma, the maverick of magnates. Because where Jim goes, the world bends to his will.