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Felisha Hurst

My name is Felisha. I’ve been married for 22 years, we have 5 kids ages 20 to 11. I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years & in the fitness space for 10 years.

I love helping people reach their goals, push their limits and find joy in movement and nutrition. I love challenging myself mentally and physically. I love teaching group fitness classes, it’s challenging and fun. I’ve completed 2 Full distance iron mans, handful of half marathons, full trial marathons, 50 mile trail race, and recently competed in 2 bikini competitions.

I’ve completed 75 hard twice. I was on American ninja warrior in 2015. I love leading by example and showing my kids that you can set goals at any stage of life.

Meet... Tyler Jones

My name is Tyler Jones. I am from Alpine UT. I am on the college golf team at Utah Tech University. This is my senior year.

Meet... Trevor Ucker

Trevor Ucker, 27 years old from Pleasant Grove, UT. I have 1 older sibling, I'm an upcoming amateur strongman with big hopes. In 2022 I won the Utahs Strongest Man Competition held at Fitcon. Before strongman I set several jr State Records in Powerlifting in the federation WABDL.

When not training I love hiking, animals and card games. I spend my summers going on hikes and enjoying the outdoors, having campfires and spending quality time with friends. I value honesty, dependability and reliability and do my best to always treat others how I'd like to be treated.

Meet... Mike schmutz

Mike is a dedicated father and husband, he owns a successful marketing agency, and he's a competitive bodybuilder. Mike has gone through many different versions of athletic performance  from running Ragnars to competing in Strongman events. His focus now is to continue as a Masters Bodybuilder and compete in Classic Physique and Heavyweight Bodybuilding classes in order to one day get his Pro Card.

Meet... Paul Douglass

I am Paul Douglass from Orem, Utah. I am a dedicated pickleball player that was introduced to the game over 10 years ago but I caught the bug more competitively in the last four years. In the last year, I have been competing at a 5.0+ level.

When I am not playing or competing, I am running tournaments and clinics for the local recreation center. Pickleball is my passion and I am glad that I have found a company that can support me in my growth. #pickleballislife

Meet... Quen Wilson

Quen is not only a devoted husband and a loving girl dad, but also a passionate pickleball player and coach with a drive to make a lasting impact in the pickleball community. Beyond pickleball, he’s a versatile athlete, engaging in sports like baseball, basketball, and skiing/snowboarding. Quen is also an avid lifter and not built like a, “Typical” pickleballer! His current goal is to elevate his pickleball skills as a 5.5+ player, foster the growth of pickleball in Utah, and share the exhilaration of the sport with as many enthusiasts as he can!

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