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What are customers saying?
"This stuff gave me the extra boost of energy I needed to power through a tough workout. I would highly recommend to those who are serious about crushing their fitness goals."
— Michael J. | Utah
"The women’s pre workout is the best pre-workout i’ve ever taken! The tropical punch flavor is so good and i love that it has collagen & creatine all in one scoop!! If you’re looking for a good pre workout BULLFIT is the BEST!!! try it, you will not be disappointed!!"
— Kourtney B. | Idaho
"Great product. good pump and a boost of energy without a crash."
— Kyle N. | Utah
"Tried bull fit pre-workout on a day i didn’t have any energy. Within 10 minutes I felt workout ready, super energized and it provided me with a very focused productive workout. Tasted fantastic and I didn’t have a crash."
— Andrew R. | Idaho
"Great preworkout. I tried it for one of my toughest workouts days of the week, and it kept me energized the entire time with no noticeable crash after. I want more!!"
— Anonymous Google Review
"You can literally taste the difference with this preworkout!! flavor is perfect, and not full of unnecessary sugars. gave me the perfect amount of tingle for an awesome workout!!!"
— Kenzie K. | Idaho
"Really awesome preworkout! Other preworkouts make me crash really hard after I’m done working out but BullFit didn’t. It stayed consistent the whole time and didn’t leave me feeling depleted. The flavor is good too!"
— Morgan P. | Idaho
"I am in love! My absolute favorite thing about Bullfit is the transparency of the ingredients!!! I have used Bucked Up products for years, but I am making a switch to Bullfit! I love that I can get the pick me up I need from a pre and then it just gradually fades with no crash! Amazing pre!!!"
— Angie B. | Idaho
"Great flavor and well thought out ingredients. I love that you can feel the specific desired effects when you ingest a performance enhancing suppliment. This really is some good Schizz.. I highly recommend.."
— Aaron P. | Utah
"Tried the pre workout this morning for the first time. I thought it mixed well with not grit or clumping. The taste was great. I had the fruit punch flavor. As far as how it worked, I really liked it. No jitters or feeling weird. I got a great pump when I worked out. Basically it got me where I needed to be. I would recommend this for sure."
— Dave M. | Utah
"Love this and had no crash afterwards!"
— Hayley H. | Utah

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